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Nabolister is dead but not movie links!

So after 15 years almost, a server crash is forcing me to re-install all the websites that were on that server, and that included Nabolister and its brother and sister sites... but that site was way past its prime. It was too much of a huge mess to be worth resurrecting so for now I have decided to offer you this forum in its place.

Nabolister was always about one thing: finding movies to watch online for free! So this forum will be a place to discuss this as well, feel free to post links to movies online, or links to good websites that offer movies online. There will be no censorship, no specific rules here, just a theme: free movies and a lot of people coming here looking for that!

I will create 3 folders at the root of this forum to start: movie links, movie sites, other. Movie links is a place for people to post direct links to movies, movie sites for people to share the good movie sites available today and other, for everything else you might want to discuss.

Please leave a comment, hoping to receive lots of comments from you guys!

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i am so sad to see it go! but glad to see the site is still remembered.
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Thanks For the many years of enjoyment. I wish you well in all future endeavors. Hopefully someday you will be able to revisit the Movie site idea and Nabolister will be born anew!
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so what
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A pity. This was one of the sites I liked the most. Thank you for your concern of leaving the links! All the best!
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